Dunk tank

Dunk Tank Rental in South Carolina

When warm weather finally arrives the call for outdoor parties, celebrations and get-togethers are high.  If you have plans for some summer fun this coming season, make sure you have plenty for your guests to enjoy and do!  Booking a dunk tank rental for your party is a great way to add some seriously wet fun to your event.  Here are some of the things you need to know about renting a dunking booth:

Dunking Booth Basics

A dunk tank is basically a large tank of water with a cage of some kind around the top.  A platform is suspended over the tank and someone is chosen to sit on the platform.  People then take turns throwing balls or some other object at a target on the front of the cage.  When the target is hit the platform drops and the person falls into the tank of water.  The process then repeats over and over to the enjoyment of all!

Dunk Tank Safety Features

Party rentals are always in high demand during the summer and everyone’s goal is to have a safe and fun time.  Dunk tanks are a safe and fun addition to any outdoor party and the Laugh n Leap rentals are designed to be safe, fun, easy to use, and affordable for all.  Our tanks are made to protect the ‘victim’ with a sturdy cage and basic platform designed to reduce pinching and eliminate fall injuries.

Set up and Operation of our Dunk Tank

You do not need to worry about learning how to set up and operate your dunk tank rental.  Our trained and experienced staff of party experts will deliver, set-up, and pickup the dunk booth.  All that is required of you is ample room for the tank to be safely set up and a water source to keep the dunk tank filled and the fun flowing. Call Laugh n Leap today to make your reservations!

The Laugh n Leap Touch

Our commitment has always been to provide South Carolina residents with the best party supply rentals in the state.  We invite you to call us today with any questions you may have and to make your reservations now before the summer rush begins.  Dunking Booths are a safe and fun addition to any party and we can get you everything you want and need to make your next party one everyone will be talking about!