• Popular Party Game Rentals for Summer Fun in the Sun

    Dec 01,2019
    Party games for summer fun

    Popular Party Game Rentals for Summer Fun in the Sun

    Backyard parties and neighborhood celebrations are all about the fund times and the warmer months are perfect time to throw such parties. Whether it is celebrati...More

  • Water Park Birthday Party

    Jan 04,2021
    Red White Blue Giant Inflatable Water Slide

    A Water Park Themed Birthday Party is a Great Choice For Warm Weather Celebrations 

    Some of the best backyard birthday parties take place during the summer months because there is so much to d...More

  • Church Picnics and Community Events

    Jan 04,2020
    Church picnics and church parties

    Church Picnics and Inflatables Go Hand in Hand

    Celebrate all that is wonderful in the world and spent time with fellow brothers and sisters of the faith with a fabulous outdoor church picnic. Bring everyone in your...More

  • Perfect Party Planning

    Jan 04,2021
    Perfect Party Planning

    Come Discover the Laugh n Leap Difference for Party Planning For Yourself

    As adults, much of the joy has been sucked out of birthday parties as the idea of becoming another year older takes over any celebration that might be enjoye...More

  • Plan the Perfect Fall Festival

    Nov 29,2019
    Plan the Perfect Fall Festival

    Plan the Best Ever Fall Festival with Laugh n Leap Amusements

    Are you planning a big Fall event this coming season?  Whether it is for a church, community event, school event, fund raiser, a special celebration, a corporate ev...More

  • New Year, New Fun!

    Nov 29,2019
    New Year, New Fun!

    Let 2018 be filled with love, laughter, and fun! Laugh ‘N Leap has everything you need for twelve months of nonstop fun.  Whether it’s your child’s b...More

  • Tis The Season

    Nov 29,2019
    Tis The Season

    The holidays are around the corner and what better way to spread holiday cheer with commercial grade inflatables! Make your next family gathering even more joyous by renting a couple inflatables for the...More

  • Throne Chairs - Why You Should Have Them for Your Next Party!

    Nov 29,2019
    Throne Chairs - Why You Should Have Them for Your Next Party!

    If you are looking for an easy way to spice up your next birthday party or are looking for a little something extra to include for your daughter’s Sweet 16, your child’s graduation party, a baby shower, or a wedding reception, then ...More

  • Top 5 Girl Party Themes of the Year

    Jan 04,2021
    Best Girl Theme Party

    Birthdays only come around once a year so it is very important to celebrate this special day especially for children. Children take their birthdays more seriously because it is the day they are celebrated, honored, given plenty of attention, an...More

  • Sanitizing Bounce Houses during Covid-19 Pandemic

    Jan 04,2021
    Clean Bounce House Rentals

    How to Sanitize Bounce House Rentals during COVID-19 Pandemic

    Stay at home for safer partyIndoor Winter Wonderland

    Nov 29,2019
    Indoor Winter Wonderland

    The colder weather and shorter days is expected during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with bounce houses<...More

  • Mechanical Bull Ride Party

    Jan 04,2020
    Mechanical Bull Ride Party

    Take your guests on a wild west adventure with a mechanical bull ride at your next event!  Why settle for a ju...More

  • A Princess Party for Your Little Princess

    Jan 04,2021
    A Princess Party for Your Little Princess

    Sugar and spice and everything that is nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” If you have a little girl who will soon be celebrating her birthday and you want her to feel like the princess that she is, then you...More

  • A Child's Birthday is More Important Than You Think

    Jan 04,2021
    Importance of Child Birthday Party

    As adults we tend to sulk at the idea of becoming another year older, so birthdays to us aren’t as special as they once were as a youngster.  Whether we realize it or not, our childhood has a large influence on who we become as adult...More

  • Bring in Business with a Bounce House

    Jan 04,2021
    Bring in Business with a Bounce House

    Based on recent statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, only 50% of new businesses stay in business for five years and only one-third of small businesses reach the ten-year mark. These facts mean that a new business has a 50/50 chance of surv...More

  • 7 Simple Reasons to have a Kids Party at Home

    Jan 04,2020
    7 Simple Reasons to have a Kids Party at Home

    Planning a kids’ birthday party can be a tedious venture if you don’t know where to start.  Sending invitations, preparing desserts, and cleaning after the party is overwhelming.  ...More

  • Cold Season Birthday Parties

    Jan 04,2021
    Cold Weather Birthday Parties | Kids Party Ideas in Winter

    Breathe Excitement into Cold Weather Birthdays With These Party Trend Ideas

    December is a hectic month for many families as it is that time of year that is filled with Five Popular Party Inflatables You Have to See

    Dec 01,2019
    Party Inflatables for Rent

    Five Popular Party Inflatables Available From Laugh n Leap Amusements

    Here at Laugh ‘n Leap Amusements, we specialize in party rental supplies and we are proud to provide high-quality commercial grade bounce ...More

  • Fun Tips for Ways to Use Inflatable Party Rentals

    Jan 04,2020
    Fun Tips for Ways to Use Inflatable Party Rentals

    Fun Tips for Ways to Use Inflatable Party Rentals


    There are many fun and unique ways to take advantage of the inflatable party rentals we have available here at Laugh ‘n Leap Amusements. Wh...More

  • Party Inflatable Rentals for Backyard Parties

    Dec 01,2019
    Party Inflatable Rentals for Backyard Parties

    Spice Up You Backyard Summer Party With Inflatable Rides and Games

    Parties and events take planning and the best and most memorable gatherings take a little something extra special to make them just right!  Bounce House Rentals Columbia, SC

    Dec 15,2020
    Bounce House Rentals Available in Columbia, SC

    Your child’s birthday is vastly approaching and you’re having trouble deciding on what to do for the big day.  With the rise of new and innovative fun, our kids are often more intrigued by the better things in life.  Ninte...More